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Check-in at the entrance desk, then to the second floor of the Queens Museum and check-in. It is just before sunset as I walk through the Grand Concourse on the east side of the Bronx County Courthouse in New York. The museum began as a public rotunda in the courthouse of the Bronx County Courthouse, which sits above the large concourses. When it was built, it is a great place for explorers to see the history of the city, its architecture and its history as an art museum.

In the 1990s, the museum began raising funds to build the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center in the Bronx County Courthouse. So they applied for and received a grant to start these efforts, and they got it.

It has created a culture that is thousands of years old and is anchored in the lives of billions of people on this planet. It has given the other billions of Muslims the opportunity to peacefully and productively go about their lives and go through life in the same way that most of us live our days just like them.

The Queens Museum was once the home of the United Nations, so it provides the perfect setting for community and conversation appearances. New York University (NYU) was founded in the same building as the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in Manhattan and now houses the largest collection of works by the world's most famous artists. The first Hall of Fame was the first of its kind in America and was considered so important that Stanford White and Mead McKim White designed a building modeled after the Pantheon in Rome.

Artists can share their practice with visitors in participating workshops that enliven a winter visit to Wave Hill. The show, which runs through spring and autumn, offers visitors the opportunity to see works several times in a completely different setting. The artists are turned away from the gallery to use it as a studio for six weeks. The stops change regularly, including galleries and museums (see the calendar with changing calendar).

Walk over the newly opened High Bridge, the oldest bridge in Manhattan, which opened in 1848 as part of the Croton Aqueduct, and its namesake. Don't forget to combine a walk on the High Bridge with a visit to the Hall of Fame.

The carriages began their route in the early 20th century with a stop at the High Bridge on their way to the New York City Museum of Art.

The general policy of free admission is that everyone feels welcome, and the museum also offers tours of the neighborhood, including a special talk on the historic Grand Concourse. The Hall of Fame is available for guided tours and self-guided tours as well as for tours of the New York Art Museum.

Have lunch on site for a picnic or eat in the excellent Farm Café - at the Table Café or call for more information on group reservations. Return tickets from trains heading south depart from the Wave Hill entrance gate, and visitors who drive to Wave Hill often combine their trip with a tour of the Hall of Fame.

If you are on public transportation, skip the subway and take the Metro - North Harlem line to stop at the New York Botanical Gardens, or skip all stops at the Bronx Culture Trolley. The exhibitions are often changeable and include young artists, but consider them as a moving place to help tourists discover the places where artists are currently working and showing their art in the Bronx. The rooms of this former estate are home to galleries where aspiring artists are given exhibition spaces and curated exhibitions that turn inward and outward.

World - Renowned artist Dale Chihuly has more than 20 installations on view in the garden house of NYBG. The New York Botanical Garden hosts blockbuster art exhibitions throughout the year, even if the artworks on display are not in the main hall. While Wave Hill is a place where contemporary art is exhibited, it also curates exhibitions to inspire new creative ideas and foster collaboration between artists and the public. The Bronx Museum of Arts is dedicated to the art and culture of the Bronx and its people, and hosts a variety of exhibitions and exhibitions of contemporary and contemporary art from around the world.

Islamic and Muslim Identity in America, "which explores the intersection of Islam and culture in New York City and New Jersey. It's titled "Unthinkered" and you can find out more on the Queens Buzz website. For a similar piece I did at the same time, click here for more information about the Bronx Museum of Arts.

Those of you who know and love Wave Hill might be interested in informing us about its secret hideout. In summer 2017, a major retrospective of the glass artist will take place, which has been praised by both critics and the public and seems to be a must. Next summer we look forward to Georgia O'Keeffe and the Pineaples, "a major exhibition exploring the life and work of Georgia Dole in 1939, when she commissioned him to paint a pineapple. Did you know that only students at Bronx Community College can take a day or two off during their summer vacation?

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